if you listen to Welcome To Night Vale we can be friends

Neal died a hero…


Yeah, well, he lived as one too.

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▀ (51) Anonymous whispered, "I am confused as to why you are ceasing to watch the show. Once is so much more than who is being shipped with who. It's about adventure and family and the inner child in us, not about romance. You shouldn't let one thing deter you from the show. Btw, I am not a CS shipper... tbh I don't ship anyone at all, I just enjoy the story."


This is not about shipping, this is about good writing. The show deter me from the show itself. The storylin are boring, repetitive, unoriginal, there’s plot holes, an annoying use of magic as an easy cope out, forced storylines, forgotten storylines, annyoying fan pandering.

It’s not about a ship, it’s about the show not being enjoyable itself, outside from everything.

It’s about the message they send It’s about killing a character I learned to love (outside of any ships); a character who deserved so much more, and still have the gut to brag about selling hope and family when they just killed an abused orphan to save his abuser, who never got to meet his son, who will never get to grow up with a family, for no reason. It about not even giving him screentime to develop his character and make his death relevant, and yet we get to see a villain prancing round treated as if he were a hero.

It’s not about fucking ships because the show isn’t bad because of ships. The show is bad because of the writers.