the thing is that everyone has a kind of valid point

"i don’t need a protector and i never asked you to do any of this and i appreciate it and i like you but i don’t need saving and i never have" yes good point laura

"you literally never told me anything that’s going on and also i just got strangled and also there’s a BITE ON YOUR NECK and you are so reckless it borders on self-destructive and i am worried that you’re going to get yourself killed if you’re not more careful" also a valid point

"you tied me up for days and starved me and you literally just tried to kill me like two minutes ago are you kidding me right now" is also a justifiable reason to be upset

This is just you and me needing different things


WOW I AM SAD. Today was a rough day for Laura/Danny shippers. Want to hug my six feet of amazon princess. 


  • previous victims of the Silas vampires have exhibited “weakness of the mind” prior to getting SUPER FUCKING DISAPPEARED AND/OR DEAD, so Danny is well within the sphere of reason in questioning Laura’s decision making.
  • Yeah, Danny could definitely have phrased it better than “you have to call me before you act”, but frankly I still agree with her sentiment. She doesn’t know how much is actually rational Laura and how much is Tiny Gay Seduction-Eyed Provincial Girl. I think it’s pretty smart to keep some level of transparency among the group to make sure Laura doesn’t get Sarah Janed.
  • No matter how much Carmilla professes to love Laura, as I imagine she is close to doing, Laura will always be human, and Carmilla will always be a creature that eats humans. Laura will always be food, even if Carmilla has the willpower to abstain. They can never be truly equals, because Carmilla will always be stronger, and will always be stomping down the temptation to eat her. I think Danny sees that she’s losing Laura to Carmilla, and damn if my heart doesn’t break right along with hers. Brb, preparing for potential wrath at the hands of Laura/Carmilla shippers.

yay opinions

  • Totally getting Laura’s attraction to Carmilla now. I mean despite the obvious that Carm is sexy as fuck. She isn’t just not a hovering overprotective fool but she’s also a dangerous vampire. Definitely not someone you bring home to daddy, which probably super excites Laura.
  • Never actually chose a side between Carmilla and Danny. I was in it for the mystery. But now that Danny is out of the picture, I find that I do love her with Laura.
  • Total props to Laura for standing up for herself. Yes. Just YES. You don’t see that much in media so thanks.
  • Didn’t appreciate Carmilla staying to watch the carnage. I mean I get it. You’re invested, but please. They need to be alone at that moment. It’s like Laura with those puppets.
  • With all that, I think I’m fully on board the Carmilla+Laura+Danny ship. Why not, right? Besides Laura needs equal parts danger and being safe.
  • I was rooting for the werewolf!danny headcanon but okay I love this too.
  • LaFerry tho. Never disappoints. This is the only reliable ship.
  • Bonus: giant mushrooms

So basically

Orion is the personification of misogyny.